2016 Agribusiness Trade Missions to the Netherlands

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Join us for an exciting agribusiness trade mission to Netherlands. This year edition is jointly organized by the Institute of Agribusiness Management, Nigeria and with the Netherland Exports Combination with the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Nigeria.

Netherlands is a small country. With its 41,543km2 size, it is just the size of one of the states in Nigeria. However, in spite of its size, Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural produce in the world after the United States. In 2014, Netherlands exported $65billion worth of agricultural produce.

The 2016 Agribusiness Trade Mission from Nigeria to Netherlands will understudy the Dutch food production system and Agro commodity export model. These studies will help in developing a diversified and sustainable economy driven by innovative food production and exports.

The trade Mission will strengthen local food production system in Nigeria, provide access to the international market for private sector agribusiness owners, stimulate local production, expand partnership and opportunities.

The delegation will learn from successful Dutch agribusiness giants such as Rijkzwann, Incotech, Hendrix Genetics, Demokwekerg Westland, Demoagrofarm, Huizing Harvest, C.Van Dairy Technology, De Heus Feed-Hatchery technology and lots more. The delegation will also understudy various food production systems developed by the Wageningen University. The Mission will also feature exclusive business networking meetings with government officials and potential local business partners. It is a perfect platform for firms seeking market entry into the European food and agro market and for those looking to deepen their ties in this strategic European market.

Who Should Attend?

  • Government Ministries seeking to understudy the innovative Dutch Food Production and Export development Model
  • Companies and Organizations interested in creating trade partnerships in the Netherlands
  • Private sector agribusiness leaders looking to explore new business opportunities expand their portfolios.


Registration Fees

$2000 per person

Group Visa Application is made for all Delegates.

Registration fees do not cover airfare or hotel accommodations.

Arrangements for airfare and hotel accommodations can be made for interested delegates.



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