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    A Firm Foundation: IAMN was started in 2015 as an umbrella for all Agribusiness entrepreneurs in Nigeria to relate.

    A unique Concept: Think for a moment about our beautiful continent—diverse in people, rich in culture and natural resources and well known for its hospitality. IAMN captures these themes in one business concept: Developing Great Business Leaders. This is in perfect harmony with the founding principle of Strathmore University: that of leading society to greater development through service to all people.

    A culture of Ethics and Learning: IAMN encourages participants to aim for high ethical standards. We realize that the potential of Africa lies here and we can take Africa forward to a world where commitment and respect for each person form a strong basis for business decisions. Case studies are selected to bring the Agribusiness challenges in class and give the students the reality of the sector. The group interaction and participatory approach to teaching and learning gives the participants a chance to analyze new business problems, while sharpening the business decision-making skills.

    Focus on People: IAMN knows that it is people who matter. People are the heart of any organization and key to sustaining any organization. People are always our main focus in all we do. We give you personalized management education, with special emphasis on human and ethical values.

    Strong Research Basis: The foundation for all IAMN programs is based on research conducted by our faculty as well as our other partners both in Academia as well as the industry. This research is based on our quest to provide sustainable solutions to our society through innovative capacity building programmes with hands on experience.

    Networking: Our alumni and partners span the globe; this provides a great opportunity to build business networks. The composition of the participants allows for exchange of ideas with peers in various sectors.

    Learn relevant and immediately applicable content: Credentialed faculty members balance theory with real-life application to strengthen your critical-thinking skills. Through the capstone project, you transfer classroom concepts to the workplace by focusing on a significant issue at your company.

    Career Pragmatism: IAMN delivers a hands-on understanding of the business enterprise. The ability to solve complex agribusiness questions and the skills that are in demand by employers, including critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and communication. All leading to someone who can make a difference for Africa, Nigeria, your community and your family.

    Experience global business situations: Exploring issues from a global perspective throughout the DAE prepares you for the ultimate experience—a two –three week international residency. The trip exposes you to first-hand global business situations and solidifies classroom discussions surrounding international challenges and opportunities.

Participants who successfully complete the DAE program will be able to:

Competitive Advantage

As a CAE graduate, you’ll have two key advantages in the global agribusiness marketplace:

Program Structure

The contents of the Agribusiness program are a blend of business acumen and agricultural entrepreneurship, as well as, a combination of classic, economic subjects with production engineering subjects from agricultural sciences.

The programme therefore pays tribute to the changes in the agricultural sector – with trends moving away from primary production towards the growing food processing and marketing industry. Future topics such as food safety, sustainable production, and resource conservation are thereby constantly in the focus of teaching and research.

The programme is designed such that students receive expert knowledge which complements their respective backgrounds. Students with agricultural or natural science backgrounds obtain additional qualifications in economic subjects.

Innovative Capstone Project

Industry Visits

There will be periodic industry visits to farms, food processing companies and Innovation Hubs during the course of the program. During the industry visits, students will learn firsthand management of agribusiness operations. They will also gain exposure and build new business relationships.

Duration and Mode of Attendance
The program duration is FOUR Months and is delivered on Weekend basis to enable professionals to combine their full time work engagements with studies.


The program fee is 95,000 Naira Only

How to apply

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Send the completed form with your CV, two reference letters (one academic and one personal/employer), copies of your degree certificates and transcripts and 2 passport size photographs to

You may also drop your fully completed application form at our offices at the IAMN Building.