About Us


The Institute of Agribusiness Management, Nigeria (IAMN) is Nigeria’s leading independent institution providing knowledge, innovation and capacity to support the Agricultural industry. Our mission is achieved by helping food and agricultural industries to produce wealth, scale up their businesses profitably and provide professional support for the industry to lean on.  IAMN is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Government of Nigeria with Certificate number RC: 1292672. Providing Knowledge Support for the Agro Industry.

Agribusiness in Nigeria is witnessing a positive transformation. From a country of primary agricultural producers, Nigeria is moving in the right direction by repositioning agriculture as a business activity. The transformation is creating a huge need for agribusiness management professionals that can support the development of Nigeria’s emerging agribusiness sector. We have produced quality agribusiness professionals and knowledge support for the nation’s agro industry. IAMN brings together the active players in the agriculture value chain and link them to opportunities for productivity.

Developing People Further

Our industry certifications, professional diplomas, executive education, publications, impact workshops, conferences and seminars are ideal for professionals in agribusiness to develop capacity, improve competency and develop expertise. Our qualifications are highly valued in the industry and have helped to boost careers, develop agricultural businesses and grow enterprise. Our development activities at IAMN are aimed at facilitating the exchange of knowledge, skills, expertise and capacity for professionals managing agricultural functions in the private and public sectors.

We Promote Professionalism in Agribusiness Practice

In an increasingly complex world of agricultural production, only the best can deliver impact performance. We provide incubation laboratories to support agriculturists in their professional development and help them conform to high standards of excellence.

Helping Organizations Drive and Sustain Innovations

Providing enough safe food to feed an ever growing population in a sustainable and profitable way is a major challenge for today’s agribusinesses. At IAMN, we provide innovative solutions that help practitioners and organizations to stay on top of the performance ladder.

Value System

IAMN Vision

Better led and managed agribusiness operations.

IAMN Mission

To be the professional home for high performing agribusiness managers.

IAMN Values:

  • Innovative
  • Professionalism
  • Passionate
  • Enterprise Creation