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About us

IAMN is a dynamic organization that provides support to all professionals in food and agribusiness industries. The scope of our membership covers the full spectrum of the industries from the farmers, producers, processor, markets, customers and the academic community.


To be the leading Agribusiness Professional body in the World by 2020.


Our role is to ensure working together, we provide a functional platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, opportunities and connection within our ever growing agribusiness community and become an enabler for prosperous growth.

Our Objectives

To develop and promote the professional ideas, standard and ethics of the agribusiness industry.

To create opportunities for interaction, communication and networking among members in the agribusiness industry.

To go global and take Agri – Food business to the next level.

To encourage potential Agribusiness Executives acquire professional development training.

To make impact with our real time market intelligence reports and sector analysis.

Our Focus

IAMN is the Number ONE professional body for Agribusiness Executives, Agriculturists and Professional working in the food and agricultural industry in Nigeria. It provides a platform for intellectual stimulations and serve as a link between stakeholders across the academia, government, industries and consumers.


Since 2015, IAMN has been supporting over 1200 Agribusiness Executives working along various sectors of Nigeria Agri – Food industry such as

  • Food processing & Manufacturing
  • Crop & Livestock Production
  • Agribusiness Trade, Exports, Retail & Projects
  • Agricultural Administration & Education
  • Ag Techs & Innovations.