Open Seminars

  1. Precision Selling Strategies: Building Effective Relationship with industrial Farmers (2days).
  2. Investment in Agribusiness: Primary Production, Value Addition and Marketing.
  3. Value Chain Management in the agro industry.
  4. Total Quality Management in the Food and Agriculture industry.
  5. Product Development & Management.
  6. Innovation & Blue Ocean; Creating an innovative agricultural COY.
  7. Exploring the international agribusiness market.
  8. Investing Opportunities in Agribusiness.
  9. Food Safety from Table to Farm: Attaining and Maintaining Good Agricultural Practices.
  10. Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers
  11. Food Safety for Vegetable Growers.
  12. Organic Vegetable Training Program.
  13. Value Chain enterprise workshop in Piggery/Pig Enterprise Development Workshop.
  14. Business Planning for Small Farms.
  15. Biodynamic and Organic Farming Integrated Workshop.
  16. Postharvest handling for enhanced shelf life: Integrated Workshop.
  17. Silva pasture training workshop.
  18. Commodity Enterprise and Management Workshop.
  19. Winemaking participatory workshop: From Harvest, Fermentation and Bottling, Wine Essentials, Viticulture and wine production, Oenology and wine business, Understanding the wine market, cocktail course in Partnership with European Wine Academy).