1. Certificate in General Agriculture (CGA)

(Pathway in Crop Production, Livestock production and Agricultural Mechanization)


  1. Certificate in Agribusiness Management (CAM)

(Pathways: Crop & Livestock Processing, Agricultural Marketing, Agro Commodity Export, and Supply Chain Management)


  1. Certificate in Livestock Production (CLP)

(Pathway: Integrated Poultry Production, Cattle Production and Commercial Diary Management, Commercial Pig Production, Commercial Snail, Aquaculture, Grasscutter & Fish Production)


  1. Certificate in Crop Production (CCP)

(Commercial Rice/Grains Production, Commercial Tubers Production, Commercial Exotic Vegetables Production)


  1. Certificate in Agribusiness Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CAIE)

To Request information about our Certificate Programs, Please contact us at: education@agribusinessnigeria.org