Institute of Agribusiness Management,Nigeria organizes Certificate in Organic Farming and Entrepreneurship

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Certificate in Organic Farming & Entrepreneurship

It’s good for the world, good for our health, and now it’s also good for the bank account. Organic farming is not just green. It is good business. Tap into this high value niche market for premium fresh organic foods.  In a world that is increasingly going towards freshness and healthy, a huge market has been created for FRESH & ORGANIC.

Growing Demand for Organics

Perhaps the first thing an entrepreneur assesses when selecting a business activity to undertake is the demand for its products and services. Have you taken a good look at your local supermarket shelves lately? Larger and larger sections are being devoted to organic foods, and the stats are there to back that observation. According to a study that analyzed the “financial competitiveness of organic farming on a global scale” by looking at 44 studies covering 55 crops grown in 14 countries on five continents – it was discovered that that organic farming is 22 to 35 percent more profitable for farmers than conventional agriculture.

Today, the global market for organic products is over $72 billion and its growing.

Course Structure

  • Production of High Value Organic Vegetables
  • Developing and managing Out grower networks for organic products
  • Creative Value through organic products
  • Certifications Systems and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) for Organic farm products
  • Production Standards for Organic Food Products
  • Packaging and Branding Fresh Organic Products
  • Accessing the Niche Local and International Market for Fresh Organic Products
  • Funding Opportunities for Organic Farming
  • Farm Practical

The Program offers unique Ready Made Markets for Fresh Organic Agro Produce with major supermarkets in Nigeria.

Program Fee: N150, 000; Registration fee is payable to Zenith Bank Account, Institute of Agribusiness Management, Nigeria. Account Number: 1014643766

Dates:                   LAGOS: August 26- October 9 (Weekends Only), 2016.

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