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Subscription to the AGRIVATION MAGAZINE

Bringing you the latest insight, articles and interview, this top notch publication keep you up to speed with the latest innovation agribusiness management principles and practice

Professional Recognition

Becoming a member of IAMN demonstrates your commitment to professionalism, giving you a clear advantage over your contemporaries. Your membership sends visible internal and external signals to stakeholder in the food and agribusiness industry that you are committed to your career as a professional.


IAMN works with agribusiness industry leaders to offer educational and Certification programs designed to broaden your knowledge base and improve your performance as a professional.

Job Placement Potential

Hear about jobs or recruit potential employees from IAMN Members

Agribusiness Information Hotline

IAMN members can call our dedicated team of experts to answer general food and agribusiness queries you may have.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To continually keep you at the top as a food and agribusiness professional, IAMN incorporates continual professional development into membership. The CPD programmes provide the learning framework for our members to grow steadily and demonstrate their own professional development. IAMN provide CPDs through local and regional seminars and workshop courses that keep you fresh and sharp.

Free Legal Advice

IAMN members enjoy legal advice on business and personal issues. Our team of solicitors is always on standby providing you with initial advice on your options and possible outcomes.

Free Copy of Agribusiness Intelligence Report

IAMN have access to the Agribusiness Intelligence Report that gives insight analysis to the policy, market and business directions across various agricultural value chains in Africa.


IAMN host over 20 events annually ranging from seminars, workshops, discussion groups, summits and conferences. These events keep our members inspired and informed. IFAM members can attend these events at reduced rates.

Agribusiness Interest Groups

If you have a specific sector interest, you can join our industry specific groups within the food and agribusiness umbrella which match professionals with specialist industry knowledge.

Access to IAMN Member Logo

Access to IAMN Member Logo- Add the logo to your email signature, business card, blog and website

Consultant’s Directory

IAMN members have access to specialist agribusiness consultants as well as the opportunity to promote their own services to our wide membership base.


African Agribusiness School (AAS), the educational arm of IAMN provides industry leading qualifications that can help your career take off at any stage. IAMN members can benefit from special member’s discounts. AAS offers Certificates, Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas, Degrees and MBA programs in Food and Agribusiness Management.


IFAM members have access to research outcomes that support their daily operation. Membership gives access to research that ensure food and agribusiness professionals have the tools and information to help them improve their performance.

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