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IAMN is the Number ONE business membership and training organization for Agribusiness Executives, Commercial Farmers, Agriculturists, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Administrators, Consultants, Facilitators and other practitioners working within the food and agricultural value chains in Nigeria. The institute provides an intellectual platform for the advancement of trade, capacity and enterprise activities within the agribusiness industry in Nigeria.


Since 2015, IAMN has been supporting hundreds of Agribusiness Executives and helping them to maximize their career and enterprise potentials.

IAMN Membership programs help Agrifood professionals to:

  • Connect with other professionals and network for profitable growth.
  • Access professional development trainings that improve their capacities for excellence
  • Access new markets for scalable business development

IAMN has four membership categories that ensures that professionals are clinically matched with career development services that supports their growth and maximize potentials.


In today’s ever changing agribusiness landscape, cutting edge skill sets are required for optimal performance and distinction. IAMN develops and delivers cutting edge Agrifood degree programs and professional trainings that help you to build competitive advantage and inspire enterprise growth. Some of our program series include:

  • PGD and MBA programs in International Agribusiness Management
  • Executive Agribusiness Educations
  • Farmers Boot camps and Market development workshops
  • Local and International Market Access Trade Missions

IAMN remains the leading provider of executive agribusiness education in Nigeria and will continue to drive the business growth of professionals in the sector.


MBA International Agribusiness and Food Chain Management

In partnership with Lead City University, Ibadan.

IAMN delivers Africa’s first MBA program that majors in International Agribusiness and Food Chain Management in partnership with Lead City University, Ibadan. The program is uniquely designed and positioned to transform Agrifood business executives into global professionals.

Next Start Date: September, 2021

Postgraduate Diploma in Food and Agribusiness Management

In partnership with Lead City University Ibadan, 

The Postgraduate Diploma in Food and Agribusiness Management program is designed for ambitious professionals who want to excel in cross functional roles within the agribusiness industry. Delivered in partnership with Lead City University Ibadan, graduates of the program will gain tremendous market oriented focus, innovative outlook and required skills needed to excel in agribusiness management roles.

 Next Start Date: September, 2021


Diploma in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Management

An innovative business incubation and accelerator program for Agrifood entrepreneurs, DAEM offers an exciting learning platform for food and agricultural executives to transform their businesses and startup ideas into profitable entities. With the global food and agriculture industry valued at $5 trillion and accounting for over of global consumer spending, this course equips entrepreneurs with the capacity to transform their enterprises from ideation to commercial maturity.

Next Start Date:                    June 14, 2021

Duration:                                Three Months

Diploma in Agrifood Exports Operations and Management

This course is for entrepreneurs and managers with desire to thrive in the business of agricultural commodities and Agrifood exports to the international markets. The program focus on the end to end activities involved in the exportation of cashew, cocoa, oil palm, sesame seed, hardwood, ginger, avocado processed food stuffs, fresh and dried vegetables and many other agro commodities and food products.


Next Start Date:                                 June 28, 2021

Duration:                                            Three Months

Food Products Development and Registration Incubation Program

Developing innovative food product concepts, getting them certified by NAFDAC and accepted warm by the market can be a daunting task in which nothing must go wrong. This incubation program will guide participants through the entire processes involved in developing a food brand, formulating the recipes, writing the standard operating procedures, setting the factory outlay, developing a top of the market packaging design, structuring supply chain, developing retail market access e.t.c.

Next Start Date:                     June 21, 2021       

Duration:                                8 Weeks

Hydroponics Production of High Value Culinary Herbs for Premium Markets

Herbs and Spices such as basil, coriander, rosemary, mint, sage, and kale are in almost every type of international cuisines and are in high global demand all year round. This practical workshop will train participants on how to produce these herbs in hydroponics system all year round. The workshop will also connect the participants with premium local and international markets for business growth.


Next Start Date:       June 22, 2021

Duration:                    4 Days

Strategic Agribusiness Marketing Program

As an agribusiness executive, this course will help you to develop and implement marketing plans and models that will push your Agrifood brands to the top of the chart with measurable results and visible impacts on the financial performance of your agricultural business.

Next Start Date:                      June 22, 2021

Duration:                                 3 Days

Diploma In Cash Crop Plantation and Investment Management Program

This program is designed for investors, entrepreneurs and managers of cocoa, oil palm, cashew, cassava, sesame, groundnut, rice, tea, soybean, coffee, kolanut, sugarcane and riceplantations.

Participants will learn strategies for maximizing investment outlook, production cycle management, intercropping system for optimal cash flow, market development, precision technologies for production analysis and many more.

Next Start Date:        June 28, 2021

Duration:                    Three Months

Executive Certificate In Broiler Chicken Production, Processing and Investment Management

The six to eight weeks broiler production cycle is a viable system for impact investment in poultry agribusiness.

However, there are several factors that impact the financial performance of broiler investment. Such factors include gross income per flock, average weight of the birds at slaughter, quality of chicks, quality of feed conversion, experience level and training exposure of the broiler investment manager.

Next Start Date:                  MARCH 21, 2022

Duration:                              Two Weeks

Certificate in Medicinal Plants Production and Herbal Enterprise Management

Interested in the production of important medicinal plants as an outgrower for global herbal supplement industry? Are you interested in setting up an herbal enterprise for the production of herbal tea, supplements, cosmetics and other herbal derivatives? The herbal products and medicinal plants global market is valued at $60 billion with a projected compound annual growth rate of 7.2%. This course is an expert-level qualification for entrepreneurs that are interested in scalable growth in the herbal enterprise industry.

Next Start Date:        July 28, 2021

Duration:                    Two months

Executive Certificate In Cassava Production, Processing and Value Chain Management

The cassava value chain is laden with amazing opportunities for impact investment for entrepreneurs that are equipped with the requisite framework needed to maximize the profit potentials embedded in the value chain while minimizing risk exposures in the process.  Upscale market demands for industrial derivates of cassava such as high quality starch, flour, glucose, ethanol, garri, chips, pellets, pearls and animal feed will continue to push commensurate demands on cassava tubers. 




Next Start Date:          March 21.2022

Duration:                      Two Months

Post Graduate Diploma In Food And Agribusiness Management

The Agribusiness value chain is one of Nigeria’s largest and most important area of economic activity. In 2016, the National Bureau of Statistics stated that 25% of the Gross Domestic Product of the Nigerian economy is derived from agro-allied activities and about 70% of the Nigerian labor force is employed in the agricultural sector.  

Herbal, Nutrition And Wellness Products Development And Business Management

The growing prevalence of preventable deaths from chronic lifestyle diseases coupled with the rising awareness of several health benefits of wellness products, functional foods and herbal supplements have pushed the demands for entrepreneurial intervention in the production of well-researched and creatively developed wellness products.

Investing In Food And AGro-Allied Procesing Program

Food and Agro-Allied Processing continue to hold the ace for individual, commercial and institutional investment enthusiasts globally. The industry is diverse and dynamic with close links to household expenditures which help in providing a certain measure of stability and security for investors with viable business and operational models.


Investing In Commercial Agricultural Production Program

With the right business and operational models, commercial cultivation of arable and economic crops as well as commercial production of livestock for meats and milk production harbor active areas for impact investment and sustained viability. The inability of the commercial agricultural production sector to yield to its promises can be attributed to factors such as ambiguous pathway to efficient production, poor revenue structure, lack of systematic data driven operation, low uptake of innovative production technologies, poor risk management preparedness e.t.c.

Diploma In Cash Crop Investments And Plantation Management

Investments in cash crops and economic trees are lifetime goldmines for entrepreneurs operating in that firmament. The advantages are enormous. They have proven over time to be pathways to steady and sustainable income streams for an extensive period of time. With most cash crop plantations having fruiting capacities ranging from three to thirty years, the best way to secure consistent annual income is to invest in the commercial production of cash crops that are in huge global demand every fruiting season. 



IAMN has four membership categories with different requirements that correspond with academic qualifications and professional experiences. Distinct membership services are offered to different membership categories to match the specific career and business development needs of Agrifood professionals in Nigeria and beyond. The categories of membership are:

  • Fellow
  • Member
  • Associate
  • Corporate


IAMN Membership services support professionals with various intellectual and business development platforms that results in visible growth. Some of the benefits of IAMN Membership include:

  • Membership of Strategic Interest Groups
  • Monthly Subscription to Agribusiness Executive Magazines
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Membership Value Card
  • Four S.I.G Workshops Monthly
  • Monthly Agribusiness Breakfast Meetings



Every year, IAMN host the National Agribusiness Conference which is the convention of all professionals and stakeholders operating in the Food and Agricultural value chains in Nigeria as well as other agribusiness professionals from other countries of the world. Now in its 7th edition, the conference has become a top platform for the engagement of strong agribusiness thematics for the growth and advancement of the industry in Nigeria.


Theme:  Circular Agribusiness Economy: Transitioning from a Low-Profit to a Full-Profit Food Production System.

Venue:   Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos

Date:      September 20-23, 2021


The African Agro Commodities Investment Summit is a platform for the dynamic engagements of issues and opportunities in agricultural commodities production and trade. The summit is an annual gathering of commercial buyers, investors, plantation farmers, traders and financiers as they harness the exciting opportunities embedded in the African agro commodities corridor. 


Theme:   November 10-11, 2021

Venue:     Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.


IAMN Trade Mission to Belgium, June 2019


Join the European Market Development Trade Mission to Netherlands and France

Aug 9-14, 2021

IAMN Trade Mission to Kenya and Rwanda in partnership with Kenya Nairobi Chamber of Commerce and Rwanda Development Board – August, 2019

Join the East African Agribusiness Model Trade Mission to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

May 2-12, 2021



The in-house publication of the Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria. The monthly subscription based magazine provides cutting edge information, business insights, interviews, data, trade linkages and market access information to keep our Agrifood professionals on top of their game.


The reports are important companions for decision makers in the global Agrifood industry. Each sector specific report provides credible data, insights, outlooks and analysis that helps professionals to avoid business pitfalls and make informed decisions that to support operational efficiency.


IAMN Lagos Chapter, October 2019 Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting

January 2021

Black Soldier Flies Farming: The Future of Food and Protein

January 16, 2021

IAMN Abuja Chapter, August 2019 Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting

February 2021

Digitalizing the Food and Beverage Industry: Deriving Inspiration from Systems that work.

IAMN Oyo State Chapter, January 2020 Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting.

March 2021

Black Soldier Flies Farming: The Future of Food and Protein

January 16, 2021

IAMN Rivers State Chapter, December 2019 Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting

April 2021

Digitalizing the Food and Beverage Industry: Deriving Inspiration from Systems that work.

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