About IAMN

Our Objective

Institute of Agribusiness Nigeria

Our Objectives

The Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria is a business membership and training organization for agribusiness professionals in Nigeria. Established in 2015, IAMN has grown to become the Number One private sector driven Agribusiness training institution in Nigeria as well as an umbrella organization for practitioners operating in the various agro-allied value chains.

The Institute of Agribusiness Management provides support to all professionals in the food and agribusiness industries. The scope of IAMN membership covers the full spectrum of the agribusiness industry comprising farmers, producers, processors, consumers, government institutions, development agencies and the academic community in Nigeria and beyond. IAMN training division provides strong capacity building curriculums across Crops, Livestocks, Agro processing, Agri-food trade and Agri Management streams.

IAMN continues to work towards making agribusiness an enabler for prosperous growth by providing a functional platform that facilitates intellectual stimulation and the exchange of knowledge and opportunities within the ever growing agribusiness community in Nigeria.

Our Objectives