Agribusiness Data Resource Centre – IAMN

Agribusiness Data Resource Centre

Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria

IAMN’s Agribusiness Data Resource center is a research and innovation facility that helps agribusiness professionals in the organization and beyond to access valid data on various aspects of the Agrifood value chains that help in improving their business performance.

Various researches conducted by IAMN between 2017 and 2019 showed lack of credible data as one of the factors limiting the productivity of agribusiness professionals in Nigeria and impacting negatively on the nation’s ability to be sustainable and sufficient in food production as well as reducing the capacity to earn foreign exchange through food commodity exports.

The objective of the Agribusiness Data Resource Centre is to provide and warehouse data on various value chain activities in crops and livestock production and processing, agro commodity exports, local and international commodity market analysis, weather analysis for each of the states in the federation and database of local and international buyers of various agricultural commodities.

The objective of the center is to be able to assist Agrifood professionals in Nigeria to increase their profitability and productivity within two years of using the resources at the center.

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