Agrifood Trainings


Certificate in Broiler Production and Investment Management

The 8-Weeks broiler production cycle is a viable system for impact investment in poultry agribusiness. This course covers production cycle planning, farm simulation, farm management for optimal productivity, weekly feed modelling, waste reduction systems, processing and market development for broiler meats. The program is important for professionals and investors that have desires of maximizing the potentials in the broiler meats production system.

Next Start Date:        January 6, 2021

Duration:                    Two Months

Plantation Investment Management Program

This program is designed for investors, entrepreneurs and managers of cocoa, oil palm, cashew, cassava, sesame, groundnut, rice, tea, soybean, coffee, kolanut, sugarcane and rice plantations.

Participants will learn strategies for maximizing investment outlook, production cycle management, intercropping system for optimal cash flow, market development, precision technologies for production analysis, local and international market outlooks and many more.

Next Start Date:        January 6, 2021

Duration:                    Two Months

Diploma in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Management

An innovative business incubation and accelerator program for Agrifood entrepreneurs, DAEM offers an exciting learning platform for food and agricultural executives to transform their businesses and startup ideas into profitable entities. With the global food and agriculture industry valued at $ 5trillion and accounting for over 10{e5682b2d8117cc454bbe3312f37ccc538c2dcd42da041e43e7640024204a484f} of global consumer spending, this course equips entrepreneurs with the capacity to transform their enterprises from ideation to commercial maturity.

Next Start Date:    January 11, 2021

Duration:                Six  Months

Certificate in Medicinal Plants Production and Herbal Enterprise Management

Interested in the production of important medicinal plants as an outgrower for global herbal supplement industry? Are you interested in setting up an herbal enterprise for the production of herbal tea, supplements, cosmetics and other herbal derivatives? The herbal products and medicinal plants global market is valued at $ 60billion with a projected compound annual growth rate of 7.2{e5682b2d8117cc454bbe3312f37ccc538c2dcd42da041e43e7640024204a484f}. This course is an expert-level qualification for entrepreneurs that are interested in scalable growth in the herbal enterprise industry.

Next Start Date:        January 23, 2021

Duration:                    Three months


Diploma in Agrifood Exports Operations and Management

This course is for entrepreneurs and managers with desire to thrive in the business of agricultural commodities and Agrifood exports to the international markets. The program focus on the end to end activities involved in the exportation of cashew, cocoa, oil palm, sesame seed, hardwood, ginger, avocado processed food stuffs, fresh and dried vegetables and many other agro commodities and food products.


Start Date:    February 8, 2021

Duration:      Three Months

Food Products Development and Registration Incubation Program

Developing innovative food product concepts, getting them certified by NAFDAC and accepted warmly by the market can be a daunting task in which nothing must go wrong. This incubation program will guide participants through the entire processes involved in developing a food brand, formulating the recipes, writing the standard operating procedures, setting the factory outlay, developing a top of the market packaging design, structuring supply chain, developing retail market access e.t.c.


Start Date: February 4, 2021           

Duration:        8 Weeks

Effective Financial Management of Agribusiness Operations

Understanding core financial fundamentals is important in attaining financial success and achieving profitability in agribusiness operations.

The 5 days executive course will provide agribusiness entrepreneurs and managers who have limited financial experience with a strong framework for understanding the numbers and utilizing them effectively in decision makings.

Participants will gain a mastery of budgeting, cash flow analysis and metrics of financial health to help their organizations to grow efficiently and maximize their potentials.


Next Start Date: February 22-26, 2021   

Duration:             Five Days

Cassava Investment Management Program (CIMP)

The wide range of industrial products derivable from cassava have made the value chain to be laced with several opportunities for entrepreneurial activities. This course has a practical oriented curriculum that will guide the participants through various business models for sustainable profitability in the commercial production of cassava tubers, High Quality cassava starch, flour and ethanol. Participants will also access market opportunities for sales and supplies of cassava tubers to various agro-allied companies that are using the tuber as major raw material in the production of their end products. The course is a must attend one for anyone that desire to succeed in cassava enterprise.


Next Start Date:       February 20, 2021

Duration:                   Four Weeks

MARCH 2021

Strategic Agribusiness Marketing Program

As an agribusiness executive, this course will help you to develop and implement marketing plans and models that will push your Agrifood brands to the top of the chart with measurable results and visible impacts on the financial performance of your businesses.


Next Start Date:                     March 9, 2021

Duration:                                3 Days

Hydroponics Production of High Value Culinary Herbs for premium markets

Herbs and Spices such as basil, coriander, rosemary, mint, sage, and kale are in almost every type of international cuisines and are in high global demand all year round. This practical workshop will train participants on how to produce these herbs in hydroponics system all year round. The workshop will also connect the participants with premium local and international markets for business growth.


Next Start Date:         March 25, 2021

Duration:                    4 Days

Diploma in Integrated Farm Management

This Expert Level course is for owners, managers and operators of commercial crop and livestock farms that want to integrate their operations with a model that will reduce wastages, improve profitability and support environmental sustainability. IFM is a total farm management model where high quality organic food, feed, fibre and renewable energy are produced in an integrated biosystems. Some of the modules on the course include: farm model planning & audit, performance assessment of farm operations, soil-water integration & management, Crop- Livestock production models within an IPM system, Waste utility Structures, integrated pest management utility e.t.c.


Next Start Date:March 20, 2020


Program Duration:Three Months

Certificate in Livestock Nutrition and Feed Production

This course will expose participants to all the processes involved in setting up feed mill enterprises and driving them to profitability. Course participants will be able to use analytic models to utilize data in the formulation of various diets for ruminant and non-ruminant animals to meet their daily nutrient requirements for optimal growth, reproduction and vitality. Course attendees will also perform simulations on the feed production cycle systems as well as branding and marketing of various feed products. The course is an expert-level training with extensive practical components.


Next Start Date:    March 13, 2020


Program Duration: Three Months