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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of IAMN Associate Membership

Within the validity of your membership subscription year, you will be a member of Two S.I.Gs within the institute. You can choose any four S.I.G from Food Processing Group, Arable Crop Producers Group, Agro-Allied Exports Group, Livestock Producers and Processors Group and Agribusiness Services Group.

The S.I.Gs of IAMN host one workshop monthly to develop the capacities of individual members and to network them for enterprise development. Members are eligible to attend one workshop from each S.I.G every month, making a total of four workshops in all.

Access to timely information is crucial for capacity building and business growth. Every month, you will get a copy of the Agribusiness Executive Magazine- an in house publication for members of the Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria. The publication is laced with insights on market intelligence, local and global market linkages for commodities trade, Agribusiness CEO Interview columns with industry leaders, Agrifood brand analysis, management dynamics, My IAMN story and lots of exciting segments that keep you abreast of developments in the global agribusiness industry and set you apart from your contemporaries. The magazine covers the full spectrum of food entrepreneurship, crop and livestocks, commodity trade, Agrifood exports, local agro processing, business strategy, logistics e.t.c.

Every month, IAMN members converge for the monthly agribusiness breakfast meeting where they explore new and emerging opportunities in the industry and proffer solutions to day to day challenges of members in their businesses and careers. It’s an amazing platform for professionals to network together for enterprise growth.

The card has a microchip firmly embedded in a smart card that stores your membership data such as names, membership number, chapter and other information. With the card, you will get discounts on lots of negotiated services such as hotels, fitness services e.t.c. across the country as an IAMN member.