Commercial Sugarcane Farming and Outgrowers Opportunities in Nigeria – IAMN

Commercial Sugarcane Farming and
Outgrowers Opportunities in Nigeria

Commercial Sugarcane Farming and Outgrowers Opportunities in Nigeria

Workshop Summary

This comprehensive 3-day workshop is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in commercial sugarcane farming and leveraging outgrower schemes in Nigeria. The sugarcane industry presents significant opportunities for growth and profitability, but challenges such as inefficient farming practices, lack of quality inputs, and poor risk management hinder optimal performance. This workshop aims to address these issues by equipping participants with advanced techniques in sugarcane cultivation, effective management of outgrower schemes, and strategic investment risk management to ensure sustainable success in the sugarcane industry.

Curriculum and Schedules

  • Morning Session:
    • Welcome and Introduction:
      • Overview of the workshop objectives and agenda.
      • Introduction to facilitators and participants.
    • Overview of the Sugarcane Industry in Nigeria:
      • Current state of the sugarcane industry.
      • Economic importance and market opportunities.
    • Soil Preparation and Seed Selection:
      • Soil fertility and land preparation techniques.
      • Selecting high-yield and disease-resistant sugarcane varieties.
  • Afternoon Session:
    • Planting Techniques and Crop Management:
      • Best practices for planting sugarcane.
      • Water and nutrient management.
    • Integrated Pest Management:
      • Identifying common pests and diseases.
      • Sustainable pest control methods.
    • Q&A and Networking:
      • Open forum for questions and interaction with experts.
      • Networking opportunities with fellow participants.
  • Field Visit:
    • Visit to a local sugarcane farm to observe agronomic practices and interact with farmers.

Transformation Outcome: Participants will gain a thorough understanding of advanced farming techniques in sugarcane cultivation, ensuring higher yields and efficient crop management.

  • Morning Session:
    • Harvesting and Post-Harvest Handling:
      • Best practices for harvesting sugarcane.
      • Techniques for minimizing post-harvest losses.
    • Introduction to Sugarcane Processing Technologies:
      • Overview of traditional and modern processing methods.
      • Introduction to processing equipment and machinery.
  • Afternoon Session:
    • Quality Control in Sugarcane Processing:
      • Ensuring product quality and safety.
      • Standards and certifications in sugarcane processing.
    • Value Addition and Product Diversification:
      • Creating value-added products (e.g., sugar, ethanol).
      • Exploring new market opportunities and product lines.
    • Q&A and Networking:
      • Open forum for questions and interaction with experts.
      • Networking opportunities with fellow participants.
  • Factory Visit:
    • Visit to a sugarcane processing plant to see the technologies and quality control measures in action.

Transformation Outcome: Participants will learn essential processing techniques and quality control measures, enabling them to produce high-quality sugarcane products and explore value addition opportunities.

  • Morning Session:
    • Establishing and Managing Outgrower Schemes:
      • Benefits of outgrower schemes for smallholder farmers and commercial enterprises.
      • Developing effective contracts and support systems for outgrowers.
    • Financial Planning and Investment Analysis:
      • Developing a financial plan for sugarcane agribusiness.
      • Analyzing investment opportunities and risks.
  • Afternoon Session:
    • Risk Management in Sugarcane Agribusiness:
      • Identifying and mitigating risks in the sugarcane value chain.
      • Strategies for managing financial, operational, and market risks.
    • Business Plan Development and Feasibility Studies:
      • Crafting a comprehensive business plan.
      • Conducting feasibility studies to assess business viability.
    • Q&A and Networking:
      • Open forum for questions and interaction with experts.
      • Networking opportunities with fellow participants.

Transformation Outcome: Participants will acquire skills in managing outgrower schemes, financial planning, risk management, and business strategy, equipping them to develop sustainable and profitable sugarcane agribusiness models.



  • Feasibility Studies: Comprehensive feasibility studies tailored to individual business needs.
  • Risk Management Toolkits: Access to advanced risk management tools to safeguard your investment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts and fellow participants for ongoing support and collaboration.
  • Continuous Support: Post-training mentorship and access to exclusive resources and updates in the broiler industry.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the broiler industry.
  • Hands-On Training: Practical sessions that provide real-world insights and applications.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: A well-rounded program covering production, processing, and investment risk management.
  • Transformative Outcomes: Gain the knowledge and skills to elevate your agribusiness to new heights.

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This workshop promises to be an intense and engaging experience, packed with valuable information and practical tools to ensure your success in the rice industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your agribusiness!