The Membership Induction Course is for new professionals joining the Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria. The course is designed to support emerging and established agribusiness professionals and entrepreneurs in Nigeria by helping them identify opportunities, strategies and business models that will improve their local and global competitiveness.

All New Members that have completed their documentations and registrations are eligible to attend the MIC course. Attendance is mandatory for all new members as the induction ceremony and presentation of Certificate of Membership for the Fellow, Member, Corporate and Associate categories would be presented to each members after the MIC workshop.


9:30am-10am             Opening Remarks

10am-11:30am           Module One

1stWorkshop Theme: Emerging Opportunities for Impact Investments in Global Agribusiness

This module will explore high value economic potentials in primary, secondary and tertiary productions. In the midst of tremendous opportunities along the corridors of several agricultural value chains, this module will help in highlighting options for high end investment return.

11:30am-12 noon       Tea & Networking Break

Opportunity for networking, meeting new delegates and participating in group discussions along the deliverables of Module One

12am-1:30pm               Module Two        

2ndWorkshop Theme:  Starting, Building and Growing a Successful Agribusiness: Identifying Models that works

The objective of this module is to help agribusiness professionals to highlight sets of strategies and business models that will improve profitability and business sustainability.


1:30pm-2:30pm            Module Three

3rdWorkshop Theme:  IAMN: A roadmap to professional and personal success.

The course will introduce members to the institute and its management, the role of agribusiness professionals and the responsibilities of members. The module will prepare a new member to be a more effective professional with readiness to contribute better to the global agribusiness economy and take advantage of opportunities that will present itself from time to time.

2:30pm-3:30pm          Lunch & Discussion Groups

Opportunity for networking, meeting other delegates and participating in group discussions along the deliverables of Module Two and Three.

3:30pm- 4:00pm         Induction Ceremony & Presentation of Membership Certificates

Presentation of Certificates and Plaques of Membership to new Members and induction into their respective State Chapters.