Plantation Investment Management Program – IAMN

Course Overview

Investments in cash crop plantation has proven over time to be a pathway to steady and sustainable income stream for an extensive period of time. With most cash crop plantations having fruiting capacities ranging from five to fifty years, the best way to secure consistent annual income is to invest in the commercial production of cash crops that are in huge global demand every fruiting season. 

This course is designed for investors, entrepreneurs, retirees, owners, plantation managers and any other person interested in succeeding in the plantation of cocoa, oil palm, cashew, coffee, sugarcane, coconut, rubberand avocado.

While on the course, participants will learn different models for setting up and managing plantations throughout their fruiting seasons.Participants will also learn strategies for maximizing cash crop investment outlooks, production cycle management, intercropping system for optimal revenue, market development, precision technologies for production monitoring e.t.c. The course component includes farm visits and practical sessions at different cocoa, oil palm, cashew, coffee, sugarcane, coconut, rubber and avocado plantation estates across Nigeria.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the Plantation Investment Management Program, participants will be able to:


January 16, 2021

Blended Learning- A combination of online classes, structured Modular Physical Classes, on -site Farm Trainings, Industry Visitsand Practical sessions. The learning model is very flexible to enable participants living in any part of Nigeria to combine studies with their full time work engagements.

Three Months

N250, 000

(Early Bird Registration- Discount of 10{e5682b2d8117cc454bbe3312f37ccc538c2dcd42da041e43e7640024204a484f} on the course fee is available to participants that register before Monday 28th, December, 2020). Course fee can be paid in two installments- 70{e5682b2d8117cc454bbe3312f37ccc538c2dcd42da041e43e7640024204a484f} at the time of registration and 30{e5682b2d8117cc454bbe3312f37ccc538c2dcd42da041e43e7640024204a484f} half way into the course. You can pay the course fee online on the application portal or via bank transfer to Zenith Bank, Account Name: Institute of Agribusiness Management Nigeria, Account Number: 1014643766

If you have any enquiry to make about this course, kindly send an email to or call 08131215475.